About Us

Managing director - K K PONNAPPAN VAIDHYAR

Kumara Ayunveda Prodacts,  has more  than 35 years of experience medicines. Film actor late  Sankaradi was the brand ambassador of this company. Chooral thailam is a good solution for  people whom  are Suffering body pain, Back ache, Sprain,  Arthritis, Rheumatic pain, Sciatica, Bruise, Muscular Pain, Lumbar and cervicalSpondylosis, Numbness of limb & oedema etc. Chooral thailam is 100% ayurvedic medicine. In the world, this is the only chooral thailam.

Damaru Mavila tooth powder is the another product of this company. Mango leaves are the main ingredient of this tooth powder mango leaves also help in whitening the teeth. Damaru mavila tooth powder is good for tooth aches, abscessed tooth, periodontics,  bad breath, etc..

We are located on Ernakulm district at Cherai- kerala

Manufacturing Lic.NO : 16/25D/13